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   The website of Ross Russell and Sally Morris:
   documenting progress on our project to design and build our house in Suffolk in the far east of England.

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This is another update to the home page picture. This one taken with spotlights and a full moon and no photo-shopping.  Honest - the moon and the sky really did look that way when I took this one.  Sally apparently has two heads (a result of a five second exposure and some multi-tasking on Sally’s part, both watching the TV and cooking dinner).

Note a new page, just added, showing where we are with the wind-turbine installation.  There is not much there yet, but there will be in due course.....

nighttime with moon05

This site is for our friends and family and others who have expressed an interest in the project.  Don’t expect too much from it - I am as much an amateur at web-site design as I am at house-building.

There are six sections to the site in addition to this home page (although frankly all the interesting and up-to-date stuff is in the Diary section).  But it might be worth a look at the Images and Movies pages for a quick overview.

The Diary is a (reverse) chronological description of the process of finding and buying a plot; designing and getting approval for the house and building it. If there are no words there it is because I have not got that far yet!

The Images section contain high resolution images of the building, The photography may be pretty amateur but count those mega-pixels!

The Movies section contains a few moving images (well actually time lapse images strung together to make something that looks like a movie).

The Plans section has a selection of drawings, plans, elevations and photos of models to show what we have planned and what we thought it would look like after the design pahse but before we had built it.

The Blind Alleys section is a a historical note of designs considered but rejected.

The section on the Site is a now very much out of date photographic summary of the picturesque plot I bought, before I turned it into a muddy and untidy building site . 

It's over there, it's over there
My building has every convenience
It's gonna make life easy for me
It's gonna be easy to get things done
I will relax alone with my loved ones”

“Loved ones, loved ones visit the building,
take the highway, park and come up and see me,
I'll be working, working but if you come visit,
I'll put down what I'm doing, my friends are important to me”

From Talking Heads;’ first Album, “77”.  It’s the one before “More Songs About Buildings and Food”, where you expect to find it!

 Ross Russell, 2010

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