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   The website of Ross Russell and Sally Morris:
   documenting progress on our project to design and build our house in Suffolk in the far east of England.

update photopanorama compressed

This page gives you access to original high resolution images. Click each thumbnail for a full size picture.  If you want to reproduce these for any reason then you are free to do so but please credit the source.

Beware: some of these files are close to 4MB so they will more than fill your screen and may take a short while to download.

090331 sunset with moon


NE view night

NE view sunset 2

NE view sunset

NE view



close view closed

close view halfway

close view open

doors to terrace

garage and glass

glass gable night 1

glass gable night 2

glass night N

living room NW empty

living room NW half open

living room NW open

living room view NE

living room view SW

living room view W

night with moon

rainbow 2


side view

snow NE

snow long view




sunset NE closed

sunset NE open

sunset from inside

view from on high night

view from on high sunset

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