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Photographs this will be a photographic summary of progress on the build, from existing site (with existing, soon to be demolished, buildings) to a muddy field and hopefully back to a neat and tidy house and gardens (and grounds).

This part of the site is not yet updated.  In the meantime here is what the current building and plot layout look like and (if you scroll down) what the site looks like at the moment.  Watch this space for more info.!

050222 garden layout03

The plan of the garden above shows where the current buildings are.  The outline planning permission is for the existing house to be demolished and rebuilt a little towards the south west - further away from the road and facing to the south west.   The existing barn has permission to be converted to a residential annex but as a refurbishment rather than a rebuild. My plans would involve demolition of both buildings and replacement of the barn/annex with another building of the same size but further to the south west - away from the north east boundary and hence permitting an outlook to the east as well as north west and south west.

050122 area plan CFF04

041017 CFF aerial photo04

A few photos follow which show what is on site at the moment.  I have a whole library of these, mostly pictures of the trees dotted about the place, some of which need to be transplanted to avoid being lost under the footprint of the new building.  Unfortunately the right time to transplant  tree is in the autumn and certainly before new buds appear in spring - so I may be too late to do this. 

The photo below shows the part of the plot to the North, where the current and proposed buildings would lie. To the left and behind the photographer is the paddock area - which I hope will become a wildflower meadow in due course.

050122 all from W03

The photo to the right shows the current house.

Below left is the view from the south east - from the open field next door.

Below right is the barn.

050122 house from NW03

050122 view from SE03

050122 barn from N03

Finally, below on the left is the stable building - needs rebuilding, probably as my workshop and wood-turning space if planning permission permits. But surprisingly it has electricity and water and some foundations which are better than most of the other buildings.  To the bottom right is the outlook over the paddock to the North West. 

050122 stables03

050122 outlook NW02



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